Nodas Oikonomou

Who We Are

Welcome to my site.
I was born in Piraeus in 1979. My love for photography began from a very young age by watching my father photograph with Canon Pellix.
I graduated from Lyceum in Lefkada and studied at the Tire Piraeus Business Administration where I graduated in 2002. My protectors are photographers who are used to taking our holidays all the time, but there was always the uneasiness to discover the secrets of photography. Immediately after the military I started working for an old photography studio for 3.5 years until I decided to open my business in Nydri Lefkada and to follow what I loved most. Then I started to discover the secrets of the Wedding photo.
Wedding photo is something special to me. There is no ugly groom or bumpy bride, opposed only to a photographer who does not see the unique beauty of each person.
As a particularly demanding photographer, I have never stopped attending Wedding Photography Seminars, and I will keep them informed of the international developments in her field. As a Wedding Photographer, I consider the rule to be true for doing this work, respecting the couple and the Accurate depiction of the unique moments for them. Besides, these moments must be imprinted with the same uniqueness that you live in and that will keep your memories alive for a lifetime ...
My love for photography, suits my second great passion, travel and has given me the opportunity and the opportunity to travel around the world and to capture the unique moments that I encounter in my every adventure. With my beloved Canon, I've been to Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cuba, photographing pictures that will remain unmatchable for my mind and soul.